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Object Oriented Programming in Java

In this course, we enable the student to experience power of java with the deep understanding of the language. Ideal for application developers to build their foundation
  • Object Oriented Design concepts
  • Java as an Object Oriented Language
  • Fundamentals of design patterns
  • Overview of J2EE
  • A java based project

Test Automation in Python

In this course, we enable the students to automate the functional test cases using python/selenium  with the deep understanding of the language. Ideal for QA Engineers to build their automation expertise.

  • Testing methodologies and Test Driver Design
  • Python as a language
  • Tapping the power of python with libraries
  • Test Automation with Python and Selenium
  • A python based automation project

Web Programming in Angular

In this course, we enable the students to develop web applications using Angular and NodeJS with the deep understanding of the typescript. Ideal for web developers to upgrade their skill set to the latest technology.
  • Web architecture, Angular, NodeJS
  • Typescript programming
  • Available libraries for Angular such as bootstrap, etc.
  • Styling and look n’ feel
  • An angular based web application

Embedded Programming in C++

In this course, we enable the students to understand the concepts of embedded programming using C++  and RTLinux with the good understanding of the language. Ideal for System Engineers to build their development expertise.
  • Realtime Operating systems and RTLinux
  • C++ as a language including R11 and R14
  • Quick glance of libraries
  • Process of building an embedded image
  • A C++ and RTLinux based embedded project

Office Productivity Pack

In this course, we help the non-engineering students to optimize their productivity and efficiency on Microsoft OS and applications. No programming experience is necessary. Ideal for officers who deal with computers at their work.
  • Windows 10 – Productivity pack
  • Microsoft WORD – Tips and Tricks
  • Microsoft EXCEL – Tips and Tricks
  • Microsoft POWERPOINT – Tips and Tricks
  • Design a personal web site with WORDPRESS

Welcome to our training schedules

Our trainings are provided by industry experts with several years of experience. We provide hands on work shops on the latest version of the tools and technologies. Our timings are flexible to accommodate your schedule and you will receive best value for money and your time.  We start these programs once in every quarter and get in touch with us to learn more about the starting dates.

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